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Sipo has a red-brown colour, especially when it originates from Ivory Coast, sometimes with a violet tint. The grey-pink to light brown sapwood is 20 to 30 mm thick and distinct from the heartwood. Unfinished, Sipo discolours on exposure to sunlight, gradually losing its red tint and becoming golden brown.

Properties of this timber species


  • Botanical name: Entandrophragma utile
  • ATIBT name: Sipo
  • Other names: Utile

 Quality requirements

  • Sipo is included in the list of approved timber species for application in wooden façade elements (SKH-Publication 99-05). This means that frames with a KOMO® product certificate can be manufactured with Sipo
  • Sipo is listed in the BRL 1705 (Plywood)


  • Both in its solid and veneer forms (also plywood), it is used for furniture, interior and exterior panelling, for transparently finished frames, window frames, doors, stairs and skirting boards, shells for yachts, panelling for boats and shops, fascias, parquet, frames, turned goods and sculpturing


  • Resistance to fungi: class 2-3 (durable – moderately durable)
  • Resistance to insects: Termites class M (moderately durable)


  • (550)-590-640-660-(750) kg/m3 at 12% moisture content
  • Fresh 750-850 kg/m3

source: Houtvademecum © 2010 Centrum Hout Almere, 10e herziene druk

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