Koninklijke Houthandel G. Wijma & Zonen B.V.
Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


By committing ourselves to responsible forestry and use of timber, Wijma is helping to protect the interests of humankind and the earth. Our policy is based on fixed values and standards, which are shaped and embraced by dedicated and talented employees. Wijma is a responsible, socially-aware and likewise successful producer of African hardwood, an attractive employer and professional business partner with a focus on continuity, sustainability, quality and values. In all respects, Wijma aims to be a reliable link for everyone in the chain from forest to finished product.


People inside and outside Wijma (People)

  • Wijma fulfils its role in the community by adopting a proactive and transparent attitude;
  • Wijma takes into account the interests of its staff, especially in respect of their safety;
  • Wijma invests in the education and talents of its people and expands their know-how and skills;
  • Wijma is a socially-responsible employer who is able to offer continuity on the basis of healthy returns on investment;


Showing concern for our resources (Planet)

  • Wijma acts responsibly with the resources placed at its disposal, shows absolute transparency when it comes to the origin of its timber and does not buy illegal timber flows;
  • Wijma strives towards internationally recognised certificates showing the legality of the forests it manages;
  • Wijma works constantly towards effectuating responsible forestry, for example, by complying with the principles and criteria of FSC;
  • Wijma encourages the use of wood that can be shown to have come from sustainably managed forests;


Implementation of responsible returns (Profit)

  • Wijma constantly checks its policy on the basis of profitability; a meticulous management is responsible for the monitoring of this;
  • Only proper financial capacity and healthy returns will enable Wijma acquire economic as well as social viability;
  • Wijma adopts an international approach, in keeping with the international character of the trade in timber;
  • Wijma focuses on the market, considering itself a leading player.
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The stamp of approval for good forestry Wijma & fsc

Timber that is stamped with the FSC® logo has been sourced from sustainably managed forests. This means that forest management meets the key requirements in terms of social, environmental and economic aspects. Ask for FSC-certified products.

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