Koninklijke Houthandel G. Wijma & Zonen B.V.

Reorganisation and redundancy plan approved

10 March 2011

On 9 March, trade unions representing employees and Wijma Kampen B.V. reached an agreement on the redundancy plan. In view of the circumstances, both the management and unions stressed the importance of the support being offered by the Werk voor Werk programme. There is an acceptable redundancy plan in place with a financial package which includes a supplementary unemployment allowance.

Now that a deal has been struck on the redundancy plan, the works council of Wijma Kampen B.V. has rubber stamped the agreement and uncertainties on the part of the employees can be expelled.

The management and the works council today announced the details of the redundancy plan to all employees and the works council’s positive advice regarding reorganisation of the sawmill which has been experiencing problems as a result of poor reliability in supplies of logs - in terms of delivery time, continuity, quality and price – and the growing trend towards cheaper processing of Azobé logs at source.

Apart from the sawmill and associated logistics operations, other activities at Wijma relating to sawn timber, sheet pile supplies and the delivery of structures such as lock gates, bridges, guardrails and balconies for construction projects will not be affected.

Next week, the 26 employees will be informed individually and the redundancy process set in motion.

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