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Finally law against illegal timber!


As you probably have seen in the news, since March 3, 2013 the trade in illegal timber is banned.

Wijma is very happy with these developments to promote well managed forests.

Below a message from the newsletter of the World Wildlife Fund.

Finally law against illegal timber!

Good news for the forests, people and animals. From March 3th 2013 the trade in illegal timber is forbidden in Europe. The World Wildlife Fund and other development organisations fought for almost ten years for this law and are happy that this law finally comes into effect. The organisations are however worried about enforcement of the rules.

The EU Timber Regulation nr. 995/2010 covers all imports of timber and products made of timber such as fences, window frames, garden furniture etc.  Companies need to prove where the timber comes from, they also have to show that the timber for example from Asia, Russia or South Africa, is sawn legally with permission of the local authorities, If they can’t they risk a fine of up to 78,000 euro or a prison sentence of two years.

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