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Wijma presents All Weather Grip


Wijma, very much based on practical expertise, has chosen for the application of All Weather Grip®  and Cross Decking® for timber decking.   

All Weather Grip®  is applied on the decking in strips. It is even possible, for instance on a gallery to apply only the passageway with Wijma’s All Weather Grip® or in deviating patterns as texts, figures or logos.
The All Weather Grip®  is based on an extruding aluminium strip with on top of that medium rough anti skid material.  All Weather Grip® is industrially applied in a fitting groove and fixed with stainless steel screws.

For these applications Wijma has developed standard decking with 3 grooves. This offers two All Weather Grip®  standard possibilities which can be chosen after the reviewing the application. Naturally any other All Weather Grip®  strip width or colour is possible. 
Advantages All Weather Grip® aligned:

  • It is still timber decking with its stereotype warm effect.
  • Exclusive appearance of the decking with 3 grooves.
  • Possible on all timber species (or other materials besides timber).
  • Standard solution with 2 strips (colour black/anthracite). 
  • Economically interesting alternative with 1 strip.
  • Alternative strip width 23 mm possible.
  • Preservation of sustainability and quality of the timber; after all with a full hard covering the timber suffocates.
  • high abrasion resistance for appliance on different products as galleries, decking, bicycle and walking bridges.
  • Very well resistant to all weather conditions among which snow. Against oil, water, salting and most chemicals.
  • To apply on both new as well as old decking, taking into account that the old decking needs to be cleaned properly of matters which could have a blunt effect on tools.
  • Easy to remove and replace.
  • Maintenance can easily be done in your own control by housing corporation or joined homeowners. 
  • It is possible to apply All Weather Grip® on location.
  • Guaranteed good quality product.
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