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PEFC stands for Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification. PEFC is a worldwide non-profit organisation promoting sustainable forestry. The ultimate aim of PEFC is responsible management of all forests throughout the world.

Certification for good forest management enables forest owners to show that they manage their forest according to the requirements of PEFC. Companies further along in the chain can subsequently process timber harvested from such forests into PEFC-certified products by means of a certified chain of custody.

PEFC-certified timber can be identified by its PEFC logo. The PEFC logo on a product indicates that this product has originated from sustainably managed PEFC-certified forest. Only companies that have a PEFC-certified chain of custody are allowed to use the PEFC logo on their products.

Wijma also has the possibility of supplying PEFC-certified timber. Its site in Kampen has a certified chain of custody which means that the supply of PEFC-certified timber can be guaranteed.

Sustainable purchasing

Timber which carries the PEFC (with the exception of timber from Malaysia) meets the Dutch criteria for the purchase of sustainably produced timber. As such, on the basis of PEFC certification, the Dutch Government is able to put into practice a sustainable purchasing policy. More information can be found at the www.inkoopduurzaamhout.nl website. Other member states of the European Union, including the United Kingdom, Denmark and Belgium, have adopted PEFC criteria for sustainably produced timber as a basis for their purchasing policy.

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The stamp of approval for good forestry Wijma & fsc

Timber that is stamped with the FSC® logo has been sourced from sustainably managed forests. This means that forest management meets the key requirements in terms of social, environmental and economic aspects. Ask for FSC-certified products.

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