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The EU Timber Regulation puts the obligation on the operators, the organisations placing timber and products derived from such timber on the EU market for the first time, to exercise "Due Diligence" and a Risk Assessment in order to minimize the risk of placing illegally harvested timber and timber products derived from such timber on the EU market.
Wijma often acts as an operator and has implemented a Due Diligence System in her company.

Traders, those after the operators in the supply chain, need to keep records of their suppliers and customers. In this way the operators can always be traced.
Traders and end-users are clients of Wijma.

Timber and timber products accompanied by a FLEGT or a CITES license will be accepted as legal and compliant with the EUTR and will pass through the "Green Lane".
Hallmarks like FSC, PEFC, OLB, VLC, LHV etc. aren't officially in the "Green Lane" but do offer almost all necessary elements to ensure full compliance with EUTR.
FSC, PEFC, OLB, VLC, LHV etc. have amended their system where necessary in order to be fully compliant with the EU Timber Regulation and will now be considered as EUTR proof.

Traders and end-users, Wijma's customers, only have obligations to track systematic what they have bought from which supplier and to whom they have sold it (in other words a traceability system)

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The stamp of approval for good forestry Wijma & fsc

Timber that is stamped with the FSC® logo has been sourced from sustainably managed forests. This means that forest management meets the key requirements in terms of social, environmental and economic aspects. Ask for FSC-certified products.

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